Treatments in construction

Galvanic treatments for the construction industry find application in every aspect of the fabrication of a building: from the mere construction of the structure, to the finishes and details in the final stage. Strength, durability, and refined aesthetics are values that are particularly demanded in the treatments that are chosen. Any examples? If we look for aesthetics, it is worth mentioning how many decorative treatments are chosen to embellish details of furniture (blackening, polishing, chrome plating, nickel plating, and brass plating, to name the most widely used). Even in building systems we find materials treated to resist, for example, corrosion: in this case we are talking about zinc nickel or electrolytic galvanizing (plumbing fittings). For electrical systems, functional treatments are widely used, which are ideal for achieving exceptional protection and high conductivity to coated materials: in this case, therefore, we speak of technical silvering

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