Zinc aluminum laminated: why choose this treatment

This type of coating is chosen for its versatility and resistance to corrosion, finding application in a wide range of fields: in the automotive industry it is widely used for covering high-strength bolts and, in general, it finds wide use in the construction industry.

The choice of this treatment stems from the need to achieve high performance in cathodic protection, control of friction coefficients for extremely low protective layer thicknesses, and the absolute guarantee of no hydrogen embrittlement.

Construction, wind power, railroad, ropeway technology, and some special high-tech applications also use this treatment also combined with topcoats to improve the aesthetic appearance, tribological qualities, and chemical resistance of the system.

Tobaldini has particular experience on this type of treatment and can guarantee, for your product, high quality of realization, certain timing and a particularly advantageous quality/cost ratio. Contact us to learn more.

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